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Why not use inexpensive reports?

The Internet is full of cheap background check reports – but ours are truly different. Can you compare a Mercedes to a Hyundai? It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Our reports are not just generated by a government database name search. Unlike the others, ours are reliable accurate investigator produced documents that you can be confident are correct. You will easily see the difference.



Accurate reports only contain information of the person in question. We use our over 20 years of experience to determine what information is relevant, what information is unreportable due to conflicts with the FCRA, and what information is just wrong.



Completeness is having all relevant information on the person in question.
Reliable background reports must identify all former addresses and name aliases, then be intelligent enough to search all applicable jurisdictions. This simply cannot be done by an automated process.



Inexpensive background reports are similar to credit reports – they contain a lot of data, but are impossible to understand. With Marcus Investigations, you will be able to draw good conclusions from our reports.


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