Frequently asked questions

We'll be happy to answer any questions on our price, process, or anything else.

Why are these plans more expensive than others offered on the internet?

Most searches that you purchase on the Internet are instant database searches. All our searches include a 7-year county criminal search with all relevant alias names and multi-county searches. Most instant online background check reports search only one name and one county. That is a HUGE difference in both the accuracy and completeness of the report.

Are there any extra fees that I should be aware of? 

Yes, some jurisdictions across the country charge fees to access their records. These are usually extra fees imposed by the various counties and they can range from $1 to as high as $65, as is the case in New York state.

Is it expensive to screen an employee?

No, given the costs associated with employee turnover, employee theft, violence in the workplace, hiring unqualified employees, and negligent hiring lawsuits, the cost of a comprehensive screening performed by Marcus Background Investigations is less than a few hours on the job.

Can Marcus Background Investigations provide these services in every state and every county in the United States?

Yes, Marcus Background Investigations can check every state in the United States, plus every county in those states with trained researchers visiting the local courthouses. We also perform International Searches.

When will I be billed?

Clients of Marcus Background Investigations are billed on a calendar month basis for the reports completed in that month.

What types of payment do you accept? 

We accept payment by check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express.

Do you have a safe, secure online ordering and reporting system?

Yes, you may enter the information online, and when the report is completed you will receive a notification that the report has been completed and is ready for you to review.

What is the turnaround time?

Marcus Background Investigations has some of the quickest turn-around times among screening companies, usually within 48 hours.

Besides the threat of a negligent hiring lawsuit, why else should we thoroughly screen our applicants?

The main reasons for screening each employee are:
• Employee theft
• Turnover
• Unqualified employees
• Violence in the workplace

Why should I run a comprehensive background check?

Negligent Hiring Lawsuits are on the rise and it can financially cripple you and your company. Negligent hiring lawsuits that result in a jury trial, have an average cost of over $3,000,000 to employers that lose and cases settled prior to trial are running close to $500,000.

Why won't an internet database of a third party database be sufficient?

Because these databases are not complete. Most of them do not even come close to covering all jurisdictions in the United States (some estimates are as little as 40% coverage), many do not report the same criminal information as other databases, making each report totally different. An Internet report may contain information from a state’s Department of Corrections, or it may be based only on a sexual offender databases, or it might have some county or state records. You just don’t really know.

Can Marcus Investigations also pull civil records for me?

Absolutely, we can check Civil Records in any jurisdiction in the country.

Why are counties other than the ones lived in being checked?

If the multi-state report contains a record, then per the FCRA, that record must be validated in the reporting jurisdiction (county).